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Rubens answers the questions - and so can you - The interviews share some real secret insights

Published by Christine

Each year, the official website produce a new style of interview, and question each and every driver up and down the pitlane. We've seen the interviews delve into their secret lives, we've followed them through a race weekend, and my personal favourite, we've quizzed them on things they should be an expert on.

I'm very impressed that the powers that be behind the site keep on coming up with a new take on the interview format each season, and for 2011, they've done it again. This time round, we're looking at each driver's racing fantasy. From which circuits they'd like to race on, to which teams and drivers from the past they'd like to partner up with.

Rubens faces the inquisition
Rubens faces the inquisitionCredit: Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic

This weekend, Rubens Barrichello faces interrogation, and answers all the questions with great style and honesty. He also gathers himself several potential points for Christine's Rankings with the answer to: What current Formula One regulation would you most like to change and why?

I am so flexible and adapt very well to any rules, so I wouldn’t change much. Too many things done to the car is not great, but having said that, the wing and all that, you adapt to that. The only thing probably that drivers don’t like - because you want to go fast - is the fact that the cars are heavy at the start of the race. So the refuelling pit stops were great - maybe not that safe, but then if you crash on a full tank that’s not the safest either. I think the cars were better to drive - and faster - with less fuel.

- Rubens Barrichello

Oh, Rubens, way to make yourself my new favourite.

Whilst reading through the questions, it's also fun to think about how you would answer them if you were in his position. Which decade of racing would you like to compete in? If I had to, I guess the '00s. Where would you go to celebrate the championship and what kind of food would your order? Mmmm, cake. What one thing would you add to a motorhome to make it better? One of those toy trains that goes through every room so you can pass messages and things. Obviously.

Have a quick read and let us know some of the things you would answer if the questions were put to you.