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Rough around the edges - Help us make Sidepodcast better, with crucial site feedback

Published by Mr. C

A while ago we received an email from frequent commenter Dirty Scarab who kindly suggested that our header image could do with a bit of a makeover. Now we're always up for a bit of constructive criticism, but this mail went one step further and supplied a set of replacement images too.

Quite honestly we were bowled over by the gesture, and now all that pesky racing business is out of the way, we've finally got a moment to use them. Thus, as from today the main Sidepodcast header has been refreshed.

Mini Sidepodcast Header

If you like the design, we recommend you check out Scarab's portfolio, there's some seriously creative work to be found there and we thank him profusely for all his efforts. We're also up for anyone else designing some alternate headers too, although the man has set a pretty high benchmark there.

In the meantime, we have another two designs which we'll run in rotation until the end of the year, and after that it'll be time for the annual website redesign. Which brings us nicely on to...

Turning the tables

Back in the summer we ran a series of articles looking into the various sites owned by drivers and teams. We tore shreds off of all and sundry and managed to find flaws in the most unexpected of places.

Now, we can comfortably sit in our ivory tower, waxing critical about everybody else's efforts, but what of our own?

The comments posted alongside the aforementioned articles provided as much, if not more insight than we originally offered. So seeing as you guys and girls clearly know your way around the Internet, we figured it was high time we trained the sights upon ourselves.

Therefore, as the two of us are now focusing our attention on the future and looking into what Sidepodcast 3.0 will look like, we're asking for any feedback as to what can be improved. We're specifically looking for Website thoughts today (we'll do a post looking at podcast / show ideas next week), and criticism might include areas such as:

  • Usability - do you struggle to access any parts of this site?
  • Navigation - anything we should make more / less easy to find?
  • Layout and design - is stuff where it should be?
  • Readability - any problems with the colours or legibility?

Please don't limit yourselves to this small selection though, we'd love to hear anything you have to say that might make Sidepodcast better in any way, shape or form.

Also of note, Rich has mentioned plans of putting together a Sidepodcast Survey for us, before the year's out. We'd like to take general comments here and then combine those with whatever the survey spits out before making plans for what we're go to do next year.

As ever, we appreciate anything you have to throw at us, and unlike the FIA / FOM, we promise we won't chuck the best ideas in the bin and go our own way regardless. Thank you.