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Rolando's 2010 season review - A look at the front, the back, and the midfield of the F1 field

Published by Rolando Petit

The 2010 race season was book-ended by bland races, but the creamy filling that was the other 17 races was what every modern F1 season should aspire to be.

Although it was relatively clear from the start which team could have run away with the season, they didn't. Red Bull came back this season and delivered an insane car to wow us. Though I am not a Red bull fan, hats off to Adrian Newey, Renault, Mark Webber and Seb Vettel. Reliability took them out of contention last season but they fought back this year and in dominant form.

While Ferrari made a valiant charge back in the second half of the season, I still think that for the passion behind the Ferrari name there is equal controversy. Alonso is at the bottom of my list of favorite drivers, which is more because of his flawed, childish, character than his driving ability. Now the two most controversial entities are coupled up and love each other deeply. I feel bad for Felipe. The Brazilian came so close and it seems that if he doesn't have better luck next season he will become another Rubens, bowing to this cheating team in favor of the other driver. Ferrari did a great job in their come back, but at the end of the day if they had won the championship it would have been empty and a tragedy for an otherwise great season.

On to Lewis and Jenson - These poor guys rode an emotional rollercoaster this season. Both world champs, leading, then losing, then playing catch up. It was a rough season to say the least. Jenson complains a bit much for me and tends to be an unexciting driver in my opinion, which is a good thing if you want someone who crashes very little and often finishes races barring mechanical issues. Lewis on the other hand just keeps getting faster and faster. If he could get the car under him he would trounce the whole series. Imagine Lewis in the Red Bull car. It would be pure spectacle. One that would never happen, but lets hope that VMM get their act together in 2011.

Kamui Kobayashi in the C29
Kamui Kobayashi in the C29Credit: BMW Sauber F1

The Mid Field in only a few words:

  • Renault has a decent car this season - please punt Petrov and replace with an acceptable driver who will push Kubica a bit more. He seems bored.
  • Williams did great compared to other recent years... it may be a mistake getting rid of Hulk, he was one of the best rookies by far.
  • Force India - Blah! whatever!
  • Sauber - Wow... talk about a rough road. First they got stuck with the BMW name like that ex-girlfriend that you thought you'd love forever and have a tattoo of her name with heart and arrow to prove it. I won't mention the other drivers but I will mention Kobiiiiii. He needs a better car. I would love to see him in fighting at the front. The moves he pulls off are highlight film material each and every time. Amazing guy.

The new kids. Sorry guys, you were like nails in the freeway. In everyone's way making life difficult. This isn't a bad thing, I like a wild card. I think the new teams showed us all that F1 is not a toy sport. To be fast you need the best of the best in every aspect of the team, money and time to develop and test appropriately. There were a lot of complaints last season about splitting the grid into a 2 spec series. With all the new teams this season the only thing missing were the awards for the "b spec" teams. It was very much the newbies racing each other rather than anyone else. I don't know what to expect in the coming seasons from these teams but I hope they improve and one of them pulls off a Brawn '09.

In conclusion I must say that this is one of the best seasons I have seen in a long time and I hope that they can do it again next year. I recently watched the 2006 GP2 season because I kept hearing about it. Drivers are drivers, but in GP2 the cars are all pretty much the same. Not to say F1 needs that, but I might quietly suggest the same single spec chassis for all teams. Use which ever engine manufacturer you like but the engine power must be restricted to within 5 hp +/- of a predetermined spec. Suspension and brake setup are up to the team and this will be essentially the only difference.

Thats my F1 2010 in review. Enjoy your winter everyone.