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Rock chick of the century - Sidepodcast gets musical with a profile and more

Published by Christine

If you've ever glanced at our playlist, then you'll know our taste in music is eclectic and probably not up to anyone's standards. Some would even go so far as to say we have bad taste in music, and I would argue... no, actually, that's probably fair.

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If you're a user and haven't added us as a friend please feel free to do so. We frequently find cool and interesting music to listen to just by peeking at what others are playing. As podcasters, the site also provides some cool insight for us - did you know for example, that people who listen to Sidepodcast also check out Maurice Hamilton's show and the Renault podcast too? Okay, maybe not that insightful then.

Dancing like there's no one there

Nevertheless, despite already publicly showing our poor taste, we put our necks on the line, and decided to pick out some podsafe songs to play during our pre-race chats on the Parade Lap show. Whilst our DJing skills leave a lot to be desired, some of the songs we have played have been real gems. We've always made the track information available on the Sidepodcast Music page, but awhile back, Dan Brunell suggested we go one step further.

Apple's iTunes offers the ability for anyone to create an iMix, with which I can pick out songs from the catalogue, put them in a playlist and suggest them to you. Therefore I've created a Sidepodcast iMix [iTunes link] containing many of the artists we've played during our shows this year. That includes The Parade Lap, various mini series and any music used in videos.

If you ever heard a track you liked and fancied grabbing a copy for yourselves, please do check it out. Each one is just 79p (from the UK store), we don't make any commission from sales, we just like to spread the love to artists who are forward thinking enough to let us play their songs on our shows.