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Robert Kubica's condition continues to improve - The Polish driver is in recovery after rallying accident

Published by Christine

Kubica's pre-season portrait
Kubica's pre-season portraitCredit: Andrew Ferraro/LAT Photographic

With today's update to Robert Kubica's condition, things seem to be heading in a positive direction. Renault confirmed that yesterday, Kubica was awake and talking, visited by his relatives, aware of his various injuries and ready to begin the fightback to full health.

Yesterday, we saw pictures of Fernando Alonso visiting his friend, whilst Ferrari as a team offered some great words of support. Flavio Briatore has also visited Kubica in hospital, and is confident the Pole can make a full recovery.

The injury to Kubica's right arm is still the main priority but doctors are happy with the recovery so far, and there has been no major inflammation or infection following the seven hour surgery. Word from the hospital is that Robert has been able to move his fingers around, and mobility is good, considering the extent of the injuries sustained.

From this morning's press release:

On Thursday, Robert should undergo some more surgery in order to stabilise the fractures to his right shoulder and right foot. Three or four days later, another operation will allow his elbow fracture to be stabilised as well.

Robert will remain at the Santa Corona Hospital for two to three weeks. A decision will then be taken about where he should go in order to continue his rehabilitation.

- Lotus Renault GP Press Statement

Renault have been very good at keeping us up to date on Kubica's condition, but I expect the press statements will become fewer now as Robert's condition has stabilised and it's now a matter of the long road to recovery.

There has been nothing but good wishes going out to Robert, and Twitter has become a feel-good place once more, with the introduction of the hashtag #getwellkubica.

If there are more updates, we'll post them here.