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Räikkönen runs a test cockpit design and finishes fastest - Day three of Barcelona testing sees Ferrari back on top

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Red Bull continue to work on pit stop practice with Kvyat
Red Bull continue to work on pit stop practice with KvyatCredit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images
Force India use up some of the ultra-soft compounds
Force India use up some of the ultra-soft compoundsCredit: Sahara Force India
Jolyon Palmer finally gets some laps under his belt
Jolyon Palmer finally gets some laps under his beltCredit: Renault Sport F1
Sauber revel in their new car with 116 laps
Sauber revel in their new car with 116 lapsCredit: Sauber AG

The conversation was all about Ferrari today, as Kimi Räikkönen became the first driver to test out one of the potential cockpit protection solutions - the halo. The additional bodywork was added to the Ferrari, and Kimi was sent on his way, reporting later that the visibility was "ok." The Finn set the fastest time, after bolting on the supersoft tyres, and notably it was also the quickest lap of pre-season testing so far.

Jolyon Palmer finally got some decent running in his Renault, completing 98 laps after suffering reliability issues previously, and former Renault driver Romain Grosjean must have been looking on enviously. He did complete 78 laps of his own but also caused three separate red flags - one of his own doing by hitting the kerbs too hard, and the others from car malfunction.

Toro Rosso had a good day, with Max Verstappen completing the most laps of the day with 159, and finishing fourth fastest.

Overall we can certainly say that in the two winter tests we have put plenty of miles on Max (and the car!). This can only be a good thing and I hope that he goes away having learnt some more, and we will find ourselves in a good position to set the car up around him in Melbourne.

- Phil Charles, Chief Engineer, Toro Rosso

Also today, Red Bull completed some more pit stop practice with Dany Kvyat, whilst Hülkenberg and Verstappen were on fine form setting solid lap times on the ultra-soft tyres.

2016 testing - Day 7, Barcelona
1K RäikkönenScuderia Ferrari1:22.765136
2F MassaWilliams Martini Racing1:23.193119
3N HülkenbergSahara Force India F1 Team1:23.251137
4M VerstappenScuderia Toro Rosso1:23.382159
5N RosbergMercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team1:24.12681
6F NasrSauber F1 Team1:24.760116
7F AlonsoMcLaren Honda F1 Team1:24.870118
8P WehrleinManor Racing MRT1:24.91348
9D KvyatRed Bull Racing1:25.141121
10J PalmerRenault Sport F1 Team1:26.22498
11L HamiltonMercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team1:26.48863
12R GrosjeanHaas F1 Team1:27.19678

With much of the attention on Ferrari, it was easy for Mercedes to complete their 145 laps in peace and quiet. They weren't focus on lap times at all, with Rosberg working on set up and finishing fifth fastest, with Hamilton way down in 11th.

Kimi's 2016 Form Guide: "Like I said many times, I don’t like guessing so there’s no point in figuring out where we’ll be in Melbourne"

adamcooperf1 adamcooperf1

Almost 100 laps and a full race distance - much needed! Successful day, looking forward to the last one tomorrow!

JolyonPalmer JolyonPalmer

Our purple heroes today: #Kimi7, @NicoHulkenberg, @VerstappenNL, @PWehrlein: all of whom set their fastest times on the ultrasoft

pirellisport pirellisport

The halo has done one lap and it already has two sponsors. It has a bright future in F1.


It's the final day of testing tomorrow, I can't believe that's two weeks over and done with already! There's just time for some last minute running for everyone, to test out any of the tyre compounds they've not done so already, and to fix those niggling turbo issues if there are any - I'm looking at you, Ferrari. Hopefully it'll be another nice and sunny day in Spain for the final pre-season running before Melbourne!

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