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Revised graphics for F1 tyre allocations - Spruced up images of the Pirelli colours for the Factbyte Factbox

Published by Mr. C

Sidepodcast has been producing race previews for a number of years. The posts are a popular resource and can often be packed with lots of detailed (and depending on your interests, potentially rather dull) data. We've been looking at improving the readability of these posts and hoping to make the content more visual and instantly accessible.

From the Belgian Grand Prix we're introducing better graphics to show selected tyre compounds for the weekend.

Super-soft and soft compound rubber from Pirelli

In previous races we used stock photography from Pirelli, which rapidly fell out of date after the tyre company added go faster stripes to the sidewalls. From this race onwards we're now able to create our own graphics and highlight compounds in any way we choose. This not only ensures we can keep on top of whatever changes Pirelli decide to make in future but also that we can continue to tweak visuals in order to impart the most information in the simplest way possible.

In the example above, we've positioned the option (in theory, least favourable) tyre behind the prime one. It's a subtle change from lining two tyres up side-by-side, but one that we hope communicates their usage better, however subliminally.

This is very much an experimentation, and we may change things, improve things and generally keep fiddling as the season progresses.

Finally, for all your colour coded F1 tyre needs, always remember the unofficial Pirelli anthem.