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Retrospective F1 - Looking back on the history of Sidepodcast and the world

Published by Mr. C

On the week that Sidepodcast was born, Leona Lewis topped the UK charts, while Night at the Museum was the highest grossing film in the US box office. None of this is of any significance of course, except a recent upgrade to the inimitable Wayback Machine has allowed us to cast a nostalgic eye across Sidepodcast website designs of years gone by. from way back when
Credit: Sidepodcast

Already indispensable internet resource, upgrades to the Wayback Machine have dramatically improved how historical internet documents are rendered. This in turn means Sidepodcast's original site design can still be viewed almost exactly as it was the day the site debuted.

A snapshot taken a month after this site opened its doors, accurately recreates the original layout, colour scheme and content as if the past four years never happened. Have a look and see for yourself.

A few posts had already dropped off the bottom of the page, but given how meagre our output was then, almost nothing significant is missed. It's interesting to note how integral the audio shows were back in the beginning. Every post is in some way related to podcast content, whereas nowadays audio and video form only a part of the whole.

Notable to me, is Wayback Machine's capture of the now almost mythical Sidepodcast (in my eyes) forum. I couldn't for the life of me recall what form it took, how it looked or what content was contained therein. Yet it too is almost completely reconstructed in its original form should you care to peruse the archive.

The lesser spotted Sidepodcast forum
Credit: Sidepodcast

It would appear that at the time, more effort was put into the forum than the main site, with topics of interest stretching as far and wide as NASCAR and the BTTC. Thankfully we opted to pull the plug, speculating early on that web forums were fast becoming an obsolete means of discussion.

There is much more to the Internet Archive than just retro Sidepodcast. Have a look back on your favourite F1 sites and see how their original designs stand up alongside today's more modern web. Here are a few we dug up in the comments earlier:

Have a look around and do tell us in the comments of any notable nostalgia you dig up.