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Renault F1 unveil yellow and black livery in Valencia - The Enstone team change colours for the 2010 F1 season

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Renault are set to be one of two teams ready to launch their 2010 car today, on the eve of the first official pre-season test. Robert Kubica will be on hand to unveil the car and talk to the waiting media, and he's likely to be joined by his teammate. At the time of writing, the second driver had not been confirmed, but there are strong indications it will be Vitaly Petrov.

The 2010 Renault F1 livery in all its stunning yellow and black glory.
Credit: Renault F1

This will be the first event under the watchful eye of Éric Boullier, and the first real opportunity for Genii Capital to present their case to the assembled press. Already, the team are one step behind the others in terms of offering a live stream of proceedings, but we won't hold that against them... too much. The website is currently being redesigned, so it may come live after the launch.

So far, all the cars we have seen have been longer than anticipated, and featured a nose much pointier than last year. More importantly though, Renault are bound to turn up with a new livery. From the bright blue of the Mild Seven days, to the creme egg look during ING's reign, there are rumours that they might turn up with the traditional yellow and black Renault colours.

A head on look down the nose of the new Renault 'bumble-bee' challenger.
Credit: Renault F1

As ever, we'll be keeping our eye on any news, pictures and tweets that come through, and will keep the post updated throughout the day.

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