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Renault reshuffles - Pat Symonds decides to take a step back

Published by Christine

Pat Symonds is stepping back from the racetrack to become merely an observer after his hands-on involvement in Alonso's back to back wins.

It is by his own choice, and he still wants to attend the races and remain involved in decisions, but the responsibility for the engineering of races will fall to Alan Permane. Permane gets the new title Chief Race Engineer, which is a step up from his previous position as Fisichella's race director.

The reshuffle means the race engineers are yet to be decided as well, with Alonso's ex partner Rod Nelson flipping a coin between moving across to Fisichella, or starting afresh with Kovalainen.

There are also numerous changes afoot to accomodate the new customer deal with Red Bull Racing, including Denis Chevrier, head of trackside engineering, including RBR in his duties, and Fabrice Lom moving to sort out trackside personnel and RBR support.

The changes will come in place with effect from the first test over the winter, which means they'll all have time to get used to each other before the 2007 season officially begins.