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Renault release R29 studio images - The Enstone crew share pictures of their 2009 car

Published by Mr. C

An arty Renault shot

Renault have just released a number of studio images of the R29 chassis. Normally these pictures are something we'd pick through during a traditional car launch, and with the debut of the Renault powered RB5 just around the corner, the R29's moment seems to have passed somewhat.

However, there are a couple of interesting things to note about the photographs, and considering what a shock to the system the pitlane unveiling of this years car was, it makes a nice change to look at it under complimentary lighting.

Does my backside look big in this livery?

Unusually, we're afforded a detailed look at the car's rear end and diffuser. Presumably the team are fine with us peeking now that they're going to have to emulate or better the designs that Toyota and Williams have come up with.

Renault R29 from behind

I am liking the look of the rear of the car from this angle. To my untrained eye, it looks like the airflow will avoid being disrupted quite as much as in previous years. Whether that manifests itself as better racing, I guess time will tell.

Don't look down

In another shot, we get a the obligatory top-down view that's so useful when comparing the various chassis layouts preferred by each team. Hopefully Flibster can assist here, as he has done in the past.

Renault R29 from above

Is it me, or is the ING "lion" livery looking better by the day? Maybe it's that overhead angle, but it is growing on me more and more. I do wonder if they had to go with blue seatbelts though?