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Renault news - The brand new R27 is revealed in Spain

Published by Christine

Renault's launch of the R27 took place at Jerez, with Fisichella behind the wheel. The sidepods and wings seem to be the mostly changed aspects of the car, but the wing mirrors caused the most interest. They are integrated into the pod wings (technical stuff), which is odd, because presumably at high speeds, it's going to be really difficult to distinguish whether the car behind you is bouncing up and down, or your pod wing is.

Fisichella drove 33 laps and said that he felt very comfortable from the outset. An engine problem cut short the testing, but so far, he seems impressed.

The circuit was quite dirty with low grip levels, so it was difficult to make a proper judgement... but so far the car is reacting as we expected, and has the same comfortable feeling...

- Giancarlo Fisichella

Not really a glowing review, but sounds like the stable and sensible Renault that we know and love.