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Renault F1 time-lapse video from Turkey - A glimpse inside the inner workings of the team at Istanbul

Published by Christine

Most fans would love the opportunity to spend a whole day inside the garage of their favourite Formula One team, wouldn't they? Well, if your favourite team is Renault, you are in luck, as they've created a time-lapse video showing the goings on during race day at the Turkish Grand Prix.

At first I thought there was nothing new about seeing video of mechanics swarming about a half-built car. However, I do love the shots of the pit crew watching the race unfold. It looks mighty uncomfortable as they shift positions over and over again.

The sequence post-race is also intriguing. I know Mr C is always keen on how teams set up and take apart their cars and motorhomes and the like. I didn't realise it would take quite so long (although it seems short on time-lapse, obviously) to get the car ready to travel. I always assumed that underneath those boxy travel suits the cars wear, they were all set up and ready to go.

Team Renault offer their take on speed garage.
Credit: Renault F1

A great little video, particularly as it is nice and short, bite size, and in glorious HD. Motor racing garage time-lapse videos are by no means a new idea, we've showcased them before when Highcroft Racing rebuilt their chassis for Petit Le Mans.

We are always calling for more HD video from F1 and even if Bernie refuses to acknowledge the new technology, teams are gradually stepping up to the plate. Red Bull have been providing HD track previews throughout the season, but now Renault do HD too.