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Renault and TPM Systems - Briatore is concerned about Ferrari's tyre advantage

Published by Mr. C

Remember back in April, we were discussing the use of Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems in F1? Of course you do.

Well in light of Flavio's comments last week, regarding the ability of McLaren to adapt to this year's Bridgestone tyres faster than Renault, I thought I'd revisit the story.

According to reports, Briatore said:

For me it was unquestionable that Ferrari, after many years with Bridgestone, would have had an advantage.

But had I only known Ferrari's weight distribution, or how big their tank is, if I had a bit of those documents, then we surely wouldn't be in this situation today. We would certainly have gained in performance.

- Flavio Briatore

You don't have to be a politician to understand what the guy is insinuating here, but I wonder if that's a fair assumption.

The rumours coming out of Oxford suggest that weight distribution has been the Renault team's Achilles Heel this year. But I wonder if McLaren don't have a technical advantage over their rivals when it comes to tyre testing, and if so, does that have anything to do with TPMS?

If one team had such a technology, and a close rival didn't. Would this be enough to create the kind of gap we're seeing this year?

A number of people have jumped on Flav's comments because it seems what's he's suggesting could be true, and I'm sure that's what he intended. But I'm thinking Renault's problems are more likely to be related to the facilities and technologies they have at their disposal rather than anything untoward happening.

Time will tell obviously, but in the meantime, does anyone fancy passing on BERU's details to the boys at Enstone?