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Remind me, is there a race this weekend? - Teams and drivers focus on the future, rather than the next race

Published by Christine

Toyota on the streets of Valencia

As reported yesterday, the Valencia street circuit was given the go ahead for the F1 race, as the FIA handed out their official licence. Button also gave his stamp of approval to the new circuit.

It is a great venue and it will bring a lot of new fans to F1. It is quite a fast circuit, for a street circuit. It has got a lot of run-off in the places that you need it.

- Jenson Button

BMW are already looking to the simulator to get accurate data for the race weekend, including downforce levels, gearbox ratios and brake specifications. Willy Rampf said they were starting early so as not to lose time during the race weekend.

Mike Gascoyne has revealed that although they will test out Force India's new seamless shift gearbox on Friday in Hungary, they're saving actual implementation for Valencia.

Lewis Hamilton is looking as far ahead as the Singapore night race, saying he will walk the track to get a good feel for it. No doubt he is planning to do the same for the unfamiliar curves at Valencia.

From what I can see, all the talk at the moment is about Valencia, despite the fact the race doesn't take place for almost another month. I'm looking forward to it, another proper street circuit, and the track looks stunning. With the races we've been having this year, adding a brand new, unknown layout to the mix is only going to cause chaos!

With that in mind, then, with the Valencian GP so close and everyone talking about it, do we even care about Hungary? I say, why not just hand this weekend's points to Hamilton, and let's move on to a track we're actually interested in.