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Remember, remember - Update your Fantasy Racers teams for the German Grand Prix

Published by Christine

Please do not forget to update your Fantasy Racers team.

I’ve had a look at mine, and you’ll be pleased to know I have given it some thought. Not serious thought, but I did assign at least five minutes to the decision making process.

I wanted someone from McLaren and someone from Ferrari. I'm not good at predicting things, and I like to hedge my bets. From Ferrari, I picked Räikkönen, because, you know, it’s wet.

Last time I had a full team of Germans, and I liked seeing all those similar flags in a row. So today, I chose the only other Finn on offer. Kovalainen. Finnish and at McLaren – he satisfies both criteria.

And finally, as I had some cash left over, I threw Bourdais into the mix. You never know, he might bring me some luck.

Go and update your team now, or if you haven't signed up yet, visit I'm currently 116th, so everyone still has a chance of beating me.