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Remaining actively involved - David Coulthard's final British Grand Prix looks set to be one to remember

Published by Mr. C

The British Grand Prix weekend kicks off tomorrow morning and with David Coulthard choosing today to announce his impending retirement, we're all set for a Sunday afternoon to remember.

Hamilton, Coulthard and Button at the Silverstone press conference

I get the impression that DC fully intends to enjoy his last few months racing in F1, as yesterday's visit to his old team's headquarters will attest. Today's official press conference came across as a pretty relaxed affair with just the three British drivers in attendance. Plenty of banter ensued, that culminated in Lewis offering to go head-to-head against Jenson in a future triathlon, while David wisely avoided the proposition.

I'm hoping that some of DC's good vibes will wear off on the rest of the paddock, giving us a nice and chilled out second half to the year. Max, apparently has other ideas though, trying as he did today to quash David's announcement (and his personal thanks to Bernie), with a poorly timed "open-letter" to the teams on the subject of cost cutting (another shining example of transparency when it suits).

Regardless, we shall not be dragged down by yet more politics. There's much to look forward to and one of those things is David Coulthard's very last British Grand Prix.