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Refuelling was great! - Christine's Rankings, Week 28 - Answering questions and climbing the walls

Published by Christine

Alonso moves into top spot
Credit: McLaren Honda

As the drivers start preparing for the Malaysian Grand Prix, it's time to hand out a few points for actions I've spotted over the last few days. This time out, we've got some tricky questions in another Grill the Grid quiz, plus a driver answering his own Twitter Q&A with some important updates. Meanwhile, there's also more of the training battle, with a variety of different sports and activities on display.

The rankings, just like the championship, is gradually heading towards its conclusion, so make sure you let me know if you spot anything worth handing out points for, it could still all change!

Movements for Week 28

  • +1 Fernando Alonso: Reminding us all how hard racing in the humid conditions of Malaysia can be.
  • +4 Felipe Massa: Still training hard even for his last few races.
  • +4 Romain Grosjean: An excellent edition of Grill the Grid with an adult recipe and all sorts!
  • -1 Kevin Magnussen: It's not their fault this quiz has rubbish questions but it makes for an awkwardly dull watch.
  • -1 Jolyon Palmer: It's not their fault this quiz has rubbish questions but it makes for an awkwardly dull watch.
  • +1 Lewis Hamilton: Nice hat, and a really nice magazine cover.
  • +1 Nico Rosberg: Getting right in the spirit, even with a selfie stick!
  • +2 Carlos Sainz Jr: Indulging in a spot of extra-curricular karting.
  • +2 Lewis Hamilton: Upping the ante once again in the battle with Rosberg for variety of training methods - this time, rock climbing.
  • +5 Fernando Alonso: Giving the correct answer during a Twitter Q&A regarding refuelling: "Refuelling was great."
  • +1 Valtteri Bottas: Not really a fan of fishing at all, but look at his happy face.
  • +2 Felipe Nasr: Mmmm, fresh coconut.
  • +1 Nico Hülkenberg: Rocking out at Alice in Ghettoland.
  • +3 Daniel Ricciardo: Designing his ideal race track and getting to have a go on it... sort of.

Standings for Week 28

This week's standings
13Fernando Alonso642
21Felipe Massa441
3-2Daniel Ricciardo340
4-2Nico Rosberg138
50Jenson Button33
61Romain Grosjean428
7-1Carlos Sainz Jr227
80Sebastian Vettel22
90Lewis Hamilton322
100Nico Hülkenberg117
111Valtteri Bottas115
12-1Max Verstappen15
130Esteban Gutiérrez12
140Jolyon Palmer-17
151Daniil Kvyat7
161Kimi Räikkönen7
17-2Kevin Magnussen-17
184Felipe Nasr25
19-1Sergio Pérez5
20-1Rio Haryanto5
21-1Marcus Ericsson4
22-1Stoffel Vandoorne4
230Pascal Wehrlein2
240Alfonso Celis Jr0
250Charles Leclerc0
260Esteban Ocon0
270Sergey Sirotkin0
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