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Refreshing F1 torrents - Getting Sidepodcast shows the peer-to-peer way

Published by Mr. C

Way back in August of last year, we announced plans to make every Sidepodcast show available for download via peer-to-peer networks. At first we started slowly to ensure it was a viable and effective means of distribution and then as we've grown more confident with the tools, we've integrated them better into our work flow.

Each time we upload a new show nowadays, we'll release a corresponding torrent file at the same time. Additionally, after much effort on Christine's part, we've also managed to make the entire back catalogue distributable via P2P too.

Synchronicity I

One of the suggestions we received from Alex after originally announcing plans to support file sharing, was to provide a subscription feed for shows available in Torrent format.

This gave us headaches for a while, but we've now found a way to sync the Torrent feed with the traditional podcast feed, meaning subscribers will now be able to receive the latest show via P2P at the same time as iTunes users download directly.

Torrents are becoming a key part of our distribution solution, and if you've never tried subscribing in this way before, we highly recommend giving Miro a try.

Miro Player

The software runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be downloaded for free and our podcasts sync and play seamlessly. We originally promoted the software back in 2007, but that was before Scott informed us it doubles as a peer-to-peer client too.

Synchronicity II

One thing we can do with torrents that we're constrained by within the Apple / iTunes ecosystem, is put out larger video files. Currently iPods are limited to a 640x480 pixel screen resolution and if we want people to be able to watch videos on the move, we can't go any larger.

No such restraint exists with desktop software though, so if you subscribe to the Sidepodcast Torrent Feed you'll be able to grab the 2008 Season Review in 720x405 pixel resolution. Bigger than you'll get on this site, or on iTunes.

As ever, do let us know if there are other delivery formats we should be considering. Falcon let us know this week that we're sort of accessible via a TiVo box in the US, even though we've never seen one before, nor have any access to one.

There's bound to be other formats and platforms we've yet to come across and we're always keen to throw more into the mix.