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Red Bull RB5 unveiled - Another new car for the 2009 F1 season is revealed

Published by Mr. C

Red Bull RB5 nose

Red Bull Racing unveiled their 2009 challenger the RB5 in Jerez this morning, and isn't she a beauty? As discussed earlier today the designers have gone to town with this car, which features the busiest front wings of all the 2009 designs.

The car also carries aggressively contoured uprights near the wing mirrors and a nose with an unusually high aero profile and a groove pressed into the central section.

Red Bull RB5 front view

The radiator inlets look tiny in the photographs, while the wing mirrors are situated wide of the drivers vision. As yet there's no sign of the shark-fin engine cover that we've seen running on the Renault and Toyota already this year.

I'm a huge fan of the colour scheme too, the deep blue works very well with the black of the tyres and for some reason the cola promotion blends in better than in previous years.

Red Bull RB5 side profile

Also interesting is the location of the driver numbers which are found on the sidepod uprights, but if someone could explain what the device hanging from the underside of the car's nose in the first picture does, we'd be most grateful.

Update: General consensus suggests the device might be used as some kind of ballast, or could possibly contain laser equipment for monitoring ride-height.

Vettel and Webber launch RB5

Webber and Vettel both attended the unveiling at the Jerez circuit. Sebastian sported a fetching hat before donning his helmet and taking to the track for a first outing in the RB5.

Things may not have gone entirely as planned though, as the car was spotted being loaded onto the back of flatbed truck by mid-afternoon. Reports suggest the problem was temperature related, so the tight chassis packaging is already paying dividends then.

Red Bull RB5 on track

Please do also let us know what you think of the new machine in the comments. Is this the best livery of the year and more importantly, is it a race winning car?