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Red Bull Racing launch the RB6 - Another F1 car is revealed to the waiting world

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Wednesday morning saw the launch of the eagerly anticipated Red Bull Racing RB6. As many F1 teams this year launch cars that bear more than a passing resemblance to the 2009 Red Bull chassis, all eyes were on Adrian Newey's masterpiece to see if he managed to develop his design yet further.

The Renault powered car was unveiled to the media at 8:30am local time (7:30am GMT), prior to taking to the track for today's F1 test in Jerez. As with previous launches this year, images of the new car leaked online in advance of the official launch.

The new Red Bull RB6, featuring a heavily sculpted nose channel and revised front wing.
Credit: Red Bull Racing

The car is being described by the team as an evolution of the RB5, and doesn't appear to offer anything out of the ordinary. Newey himself pointed out the team "have been able to design the rear suspension and gearbox with the double diffuser in mind".

An alternate view of the new RB6.
Credit: Red Bull Racing

Both Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber are sporting revised helmet designs for the new season. Webber's Arai helmet features largely similar colours to previous years, but adds an Australian emblem on the back. Vettel meanwhile has come out with a design that mimics the look of a can of Red Bull.

Vettel's Red Bull can helmet, complete with list of ingredients and suggestions for recycling.
Credit: Red Bull Racing

The styling of the helmet goes so far as to add a list of ingredients alongside a health warning. The top includes a large ring pull.

The top of Sebastian Vettel's helmet shows lid of a Red Bull can including blue ring pull.
Credit: Red Bull Racing

This post will be updated with pictures, video and information as it becomes available.

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