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Red Bull Racing present the RB9 - Defending champions Red Bull launch their 2013 car

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Infinity Red Bull RB9 studio shot

Rather than the live stream of launches gone by, Red Bull have opted for a more lazy, Sunday afternoon approach, with information drifting out into the world via the website. There are meant to be photos, interviews and information regularly updated on the Red Bull site, with the big car reveal at 1pm.

As defending champions, Red Bull have a lot of pressure on their shoulders but the regulation stability works in their favour. They've a new title sponsor in the form of Infiniti but how many other big changes will there be?

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As it happened: Red Bull Racing 2013 launch

  • 11:26

    Hello, welcome to Sunday. Red Bull are the team in the spotlight with a rather more relaxed attitude to launching - just sending information into the wilderness over the course of the afternoon.

  • 11:27

    First up they revealed a new, gloriously purple logo with title sponsor Infiniti.

  • 11:27

  • 12:39

    Before the covers come off.

  • 12:54

    TweetTweet from @ianparkesf1: At latest launch, and it's typically Red Bull - dark, moody, atmospheric and with a thumping tune in the background

  • 13:04

    A video of the factory making music:

  • 13:06


  • 13:07

    If you stick with that video long enough, you get a glimpse of the RB9. It's interesting to see the attention to detail and how much intricate work goes into the car, not a fan of the "rhythm" bit, though.

  • 13:08

    A wider angle from the photo shoot.

  • 13:09

    Increased purple on the livery, clearly, with huge Infiniti logos all around. The stepped nose looks odd to my eyes, and the letterbox slot in front is there or not depending on which picture you look.

  • 13:13

    Red Bull have banned the attendees from taking pictures. So that may be your lot!

  • 13:16

    QuoteComment from Pat W: From tweets it looks like Brundle is still yammering and they haven't taken the covers off yet

  • 13:18

    TweetTweet from @sarahholtf1: Oh hello @MBrundleF1 is reminding us of Red Bull's record in the last 3 years - 65% of points, 70% of poles & nearly 50% of races #f1

  • 13:22

    TweetTweet from @ivanF1: #F1

    The rear is the most radical part of the car for this year, #RB9 maintain the under-exhaust-channel + Coanda effect

  • 13:23

    The covers have apparently come off at Milton Keynes.

  • 13:27

    Word on the street is they're banning any photos altogether, so we have to stick with this Red Bull sanctioned blurry shot with Vettel and Webber hiding to the left and Brundle checking his notes on the right.

  • 13:32

    With the car unveiled, there will no doubt be more information coming from Milton Keynes throughout the afternoon. Keep checking the FBFB for more updates!

  • 13:34

    TweetTweet from @F1Kate: RB9 tech analysis: the tip of the nose cone looks stumpy. Might just be the angle. #NotATechspert

  • 13:38
  • 19:59

    Interviews released on the Red Bull site now. First up Christian Horner on what makes them such a tight-knit team: "I think people enjoy working in the team, they feel part of it, so there’s a good team spirit and strong desire to continue what we have... The way we work is open and transparent. We concentrate on being a Formula One team and nothing more. Our focus is very much on going racing and trying to get the best out of ourselves."

  • 20:00

    General genius Adrian Newey talks stepped noses: "There is a vanity panel but it’s quite small. It doesn’t extend a huge way forward because that would add unjustifiable weight. Last year we had a letterbox design to reduce the step, which aided cooling. This year the small vanity panel has allowed us to get rid of that."

  • 20:00

    (credit Thompson/Getty)

  • 20:01

    Mark Webber talks about some of his own changes for the coming season: "Ciaran Pilbeam has moved on to another team after a long time with us and I have a new race engineer in Simon Rennie. I’m looking forward to us working together. Of course it’s a different role for me to have someone fresh into the team and different for him too, as he has to get used to the way we go about our work."

  • 20:02

    And defending champion Sebastian Vettel ponders the possibility of a fourth title: "It will be tough to beat Mark and it will also be tough to beat the other teams. There’s no guarantee. You really have to focus on every single race, every single lap and try to get everything together. As soon as you have the helmet on, you want to perform and you want to do your best."

  • 20:03

    (credit Thompson/Getty)

  • 20:04

    The launch summed up in 60 seconds:

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