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Red Bull F1 meets YouTube? - Another team gets into the Formula One video sharing space

Published by Mr. C

Two days ago Christian Horner confirmed that Red Bull's RB4 chassis will make its track debut in January. That in itself isn't a particularly fascinating fact - announcements about new car launches rarely are. What is worth mentioning though, is the team's new video, released today on YouTube.

A 30 second time-lapse sequence shows staff entering and leaving the factory in Milton Keynes and then confirms the car's launch date to be 16th January 2008. The video is attributed to a user named sequencepostprod, which we can probably assume is related to the television company Sequence Post Production (SPP).

UK Formula 1 fans will probably recognise SPP as the team behind some of ITV's title credits as well Martin Brundle's "F1 Insight" series. Presumably the team have been brought in to work on the launch, but it's odd that the video doesn't feature on Red Bull's homepage alongside the other official showreels, not to mention the fact that the production company decided to release it under their own name first.

Here's the full clip in case you haven't already seen it:

I wonder if this means Formula 1 teams are finally getting to grips with viral videos and social networking?

We're looking forward to 2008 already.