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Red Bull animation highlights changes in 2009 - Sebastian Vettel provides an overview of F1's latest rule changes

Published by Mr. C

It's been a while since we had an F1 car launch, but on Monday Red Bull will debut the latest design from the mind of Newey - the RB5.

Dave left a comment earlier from a rather snowy Milton Keynes, highlighting a new animation from the team designed to offer insight into the rule changes for 2009, as well as hinting at what might be unveiled in Jerez on Monday.

With a similar look to last year's Singapore preview video (and presumably again made in association with AixSponza), Vettel runs us through aero simplifications, engine regulation changes and a visual guide to an electric KERS implementation. This is must see viewing.

Racing Bulls mentioned earlier today that the team have already finished the car and driver photo calls, meaning they are already way more organised than Renault were .

Red Bull 2009 chassis design

Also, according to Dave, the cars in the video are pretty good approximations of what we'll see hit the track Monday morning. Admittedly, it's not a striking departure from last years paint job, but the vehicles do look rather nice. I can't fathom what's going on with the wing mirror uprights, though. They sort of mimic the Ferrari design of putting the mirrors out as wide as possible, but then the upright slopes inwards rather than forwards.

If you spot anything else of note, do let us know in comments. What do you make of the livery and how did Vettel get so good at commentary?