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Rate the season - F1 2013 - Cast your vote on the racing for the entire year, and pick the best driver

Published by Christine

Having rated each individual race for nineteen separate weekends, it's time to combine your scores and judge the season as a whole. With so much occurring in the space of nine short months, the Australian Grand Prix feels a long, long time ago. But cast your mind back, and pass judgement on 2013 and how it stacked up for you.

As well as the rollercoaster ride the racing took them on, F1's drivers have been on a huge journey in 2013. Sebastian Vettel dominated on-track, whilst Kimi Räikkönen took his share of off-track headlines. Pastor Maldonado made friends and enemies, and Heikki Kovalainen made an all-too-brief return. Some of the midfield racers shone, and the backmarkers wrestled for position despite being often overlooked. Here you can pick your driver of the season, who performed the best overall in 2013?

Once you've voted, you can let us know your choice in the comments below, or share your selection via Twitter. We'll compile the results soon and take a look at how the view of the season as a whole stacks up against the stats from each race weekend - it should make for an interesting comparison.