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Rate the race - United States 2014 - How did the action at the Circuit of the Americas grab you?

Published by Christine

The Russian race left us on something of a downer, with the average rating struggling to get above the 1 star mark. I try not to sway the voting, but I reckon this weekend we might see something a little bit higher than that. The US Grand Prix is always hotly anticipated, and the COTA track tends to offer up some interesting racing, but that's for you to decide - how do you rate the 2014 edition of the race?

Meanwhile, it's hard to pick just a handful of drivers from the finishing order because they all put on a pretty impressive show. There was some great scrabbling for position in the midfield, and some of those fights went right to the very last lap. Can you pick out a driver of the day from the below, or do you think it should go to someone not on the list?

As always, share your votes if you feel like it, here and via the handy Twitter button. With only two more race weekends to go, there's just a little bit of voting left and then we'll take a look at how the stats for the entire season stack up.

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