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Rate the race - Spain 2014 // Judge the afternoon's action at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

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The fifth round of the 2014 season has been run, with Mercedes continuing their domination up front. The battles between Rosberg and Hamilton, as well as throughout the rest of the field, provided entertainment over the Spanish GP weekend, but did the race itself deliver? Now's your chance to cast your vote and rate the race in Barcelona.

Rate the Spanish GP

Rate the Spanish GP

88 votes

The 2014 season so far has had its ups and downs, but the Spanish Grand Prix had its own rollercoaster from start to finish. The racing off the line was clean, leading to a frantic first pit stop stint. The middle third of the race lulled in anticipation of the final third, a tense battle with several drivers hunting down their prey in search of a better position. Considering the knowledge teams have of the Barcelona track, the race presented several unknowns throughout. Rate the race five stars

As well as the race as a whole, a couple of specific items from Sunday require your attention. Pirelli's tyre choice came under fire yet again, but do you agree with those who thought the rubber could have made more of a difference? And rate the impact team radio had on the race. How much is too much information?

Rate the choice of compounds brought to Spain

70 votes

Pirelli brought the two hardest tyre choices to Barcelona, with the hard and medium tyres in use. There was a lot of talk pre-race that the selection was too tame, the rubber too durable, and that Pirelli had gone soft (excuse the pun). In the race, we saw most drivers opt for a two-stop strategy, with some moving over to a three to try and maximise their chances of success. Was the tyre choice appropriate for the race today? Rate five stars for a good selection or one star if not.

Rate the use of broadcast team radio

68 votes

At the start of the season, team radio sounded brilliantly clear and understandable. It's gradually gone back to sounded like drivers are underwater, but even with that, what we hear over the radio can drastically improve our understanding of a race. Today's event in Spain allowed us insight into the panic on both sides of the Mercedes garage, as well as plenty of strategy calls. Did we get too much information, so that strategy was given away too soon? Or did the radio add to the enjoyment?

Finally, it's time to pick the driver of the day. The selection here is limited because it didn't feel like there were many that had a fantastic day on track. The top five appeared to do a good job, but if we've missed anyone, do let us know who you think deserves the accolade and why!

Who was your driver of the day in Spain?

  • Lewis Hamilton

  • Nico Rosberg

  • Daniel Ricciardo

  • Sebastian Vettel

  • Valtteri Bottas


79 votes

As always, feel free to keep your choices secret, or shout them from the rooftops. Let us know which way you voted, and how the F1 season is panning out so far.

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