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Rate the race - Russia 2014 - Your chance to vote on the first running at the Sochi Autodrom

Published by Christine

How did you find the racing in Russia this past weekend? Now is the time to let us know by casting your vote below. If it was a fantastic weekend's running, well organised and producing one of the classic events, you'll want to go five stars. If, as is more likely the case, you found it to be slightly under par, then something slightly lower than that might be more appropriate. Have your say now!

It's hard to pick any stand out drives from the race, with the winner putting in a smooth drive in a dominant car, second place making a mistake but recovering well, and third finishing exactly where he started. Who have we missed? Let us know!

Share your thoughts in the comments below, or tweet your selection with the handy button. I try to stay neutral and not influence in these posts but it's a hard one to get excited about!

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