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Rate the race - Monaco 2014 // Select your driver of the day and cast your vote on the race in Monte Carlo

Published by Christine

After a hectic weekend in Monaco, it's time to pass judgement on all that occurred during the Grand Prix. Starting with the race as a whole, we're also looking for votes on the stewarding calls and penalties handed out, plus the level and skill of overtaking in Monaco. After all that, there may just be time to select your driver of the day.

Rate the Monaco GP

Rate the Monaco GP

81 votes

The race had a little bit of everything - teammate tension, overtaking opportunities, safety car sightings and a fight to the finish. It was a chaotic event from start to finish, with penalties galore and penalties upon penalties. But, how did it rate against the rest of the races this year? Cast your vote now on whether it was an absolute classic - five stars - or if it was another race that proves Monaco is too tough to race on - one star.

The stewards were kept busy in Monaco, handing out penalties and watching for the drivers running over the kerbs or being released from their pit lanes too early. Cast your votes on their decisions on Sunday, as well as the overtaking around Monte Carlo when the drivers were left to race by themselves.

Rate the stewarding calls this weekend

73 votes

There were a few interesting calls this weekend, with several incidents being investigated during the race and some being left until afterwards. There was a lot of confusion with the five second stop/go penalties, handed out to three drivers for lining up incorrectly on the grid. More penalties were later handed out for those penalties being taken incorrectly. Are the stewards getting too involved? Rate five stars for a good measure of control or one star for heavy-handed action.

Rate the overtaking on Monaco's mean streets

76 votes

The Monte Carlo street circuit continues to be a difficult race to pass one car in front of the other at, but despite that we saw quite a lot of overtaking during the afternoon. Adrian Sutil showed some spectacular bravery, diving at every opportunity particularly at the hairpin. Nico Hülkenberg also made a spectacular move, as did many up and down the field. Rate the overtaking at Monaco, improved - five stars - or still dire - one star.

Finally, pick your driver of the day. It's tough to select out specific drivers doing well here, as many of them didn't actually see the end of the race! However, as always, let us know if you'd have gone for someone not on the list and why.

Who was your driver of the day in Monaco?

  • Nico Rosberg

  • Nico Hülkenberg

  • Jenson Button

  • Felipe Massa

  • Jules Bianchi

  • Kimi Räikkönen


76 votes

As always, let us know which way you've voted and the reasons behind your choices. You can even share your votes via the handy links above.

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