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Rate the race - Korea 2013 // Cast your vote on the important moments from the Korean weekend

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The Korean Grand Prix needed to up its game from previous season visits to the track, and the 2013 race did have a handful of moments that made it better than those that have gone before. But, this year there have been some absolute classics and it's really a question of how the race stacks up to the rest of the season.

Rate the Korean GP

Rate the Korean GP

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The racing action in Korea hasn't always delivered, but this year seemed a little bit different. Although it was still that same guy leading and winning at the front, there were some great battles down the field, a few fantastic recovery drives, plus a handful of incidents to keep things interesting. With two safety car periods, and at least five retirements, was it a more interesting race than expected? Rate the GP compared to others this year, with five stars for the best, and one star for a d

Part of the fun of the race this weekend came from the incidents, one of which was a worrying tyre blowout for Sergio Pérez. Thankfully, there were no problems at the pit exit, which has previously been a concern. Rate those two items and have your say!

Rate the revised pit exit

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The Korean pit lane has had its fair share of problems since the circuit's inception, but this year organisers took it upon themselves to revise the exit. Rather than bringing drivers back out on the racing line at turn two, the new pit exit sweeps all the way round the back of the run off area, before returning the drivers to the track after the corner. Has this done the trick? Rate the revision with five stars as a good job, or one star as still a little bit too unsafe.

Rate Pirelli's 'safer' 2012 specification tyres

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In the wake of the Silverstone tyre troubles, Pirelli rolled back the tyre spec on their 2013 rubber to be more like last year's compounds. Things had been going well, if a little duller, since then, but Alonso raised concerns recently, and in the midst of the Korean GP, Sergio Pérez found himself with a tyre blowout similar to that in Britain. Was it the lockup that caused it or are Pirelli to blame? Rate their tyre management so far with a five for pretty good, and a one to call for the return

Traditionally, this is where we list our pick of the potential drivers of the day and ask for votes. A quick scan down the results gave us just the one name.

Who was your driver of the day in Korea?

  • Nico Hülkenberg


62 votes

As always, please do share your votes via the handy button, and let us know how you've voted in the comments.

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