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Rate the race - Japan 2014 // Voting on the supremely difficult weekend at Suzuka

Published by Christine

Naturally, it's a difficult week to think about passing judgement on the racing action from Japan. All thoughts remain with Jules Bianchi and his family at this terrible time. And yet, there was a race last weekend, and for consistency rating the race follows. If you feel up to it, have your say now on how the Japanese Grand Prix compared to the events that have come before it.

Rate the Japanese GP

Rate the Japanese GP

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Overshadowed completely by Jules Bianchi's horrific crash, and his continuing fight for life in hospital, it's easy to forget there was a race leading up to the incidents on lap 43. Starting and finishing behind the safety car, it was a wet race that saw a risky tyre call by Jenson Button, followed by a couple of sterling overtakes by Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo. Have your say on how this shortened race compares to the rest of the year.

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