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Rate the race - Italy 2013 // Pick your driver of the day, and rate the Monza action out of five

Published by Christine

Monza ended up being a similar weekend to that in Belgium - the grid after qualifying was slightly more interesting than usual but the threatened rain never materialised leaving a dry race. Here you can vote on the racing action, with a score out of five for the Italian Grand Prix.

Rate the Italian GP

Rate the Italian GP

77 votes

It promised plenty, with out of position drivers and the threat of rain, but the racing at Monza perhaps under-delivered, turning into a procession at several points. There were still a good few battles to keep an eye on, particularly as Hamilton was racing his heart out, Hülkenberg was defending his points position, and even Grosjean managed to (mostly) stay out of trouble. Rate the race one star for rubbish and five stars for brilliant.

Vote on certain elements of the Sunday action, this time including the choice of rubber which affected the strategy decisions made during the race, as well as the introduction of a fancy new camera filter.

Rate Pirelli's tyre selection in Italy

70 votes

The hard and medium compounds were on offer for drivers this weekend, with Pirelli expecting a one-stop tyre and the race playing out exactly as predicted. Should they have been slightly less conservative on tyre choice or was the selected rubber the right choice for the track? Rate the tyre selection one star for not-so-great, or five stars for the perfect options.

Rate the (brief) introduction of onboard thermal imaging

74 votes

This weekend saw the debut of some new camera shots from onboard a couple of cars. In the race, Paul di Resta was playing host to the thermo-cam, showing great detail of the tyres. Unfortunately he was only in the race for a single lap, but still rate the thermal imaging - one star for pointless camera-work, or five stars for great additional information.

Finally, vote for your driver of the day. As ever, we've hand-picked a few names that stood out, but if you think someone else needs the title, tell us why in the comments.

Who was your driver of the day in Italy?

  • Sebastian Vettel

  • Fernando Alonso

  • Mark Webber

  • Nico Hülkenberg

  • Romain Grosjean


73 votes

You can keep your votes top secret, or feel free to share how you scored the race and the drivers and let us know why!

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