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Rate the race - India 2013 - Cast your vote on the driver of the day poll and rate the race out of five

Published by Christine

It's that time again, time to air your views about the race we just witnessed. A champion decided, an impressive climb through the field, some inter-team antics, plus a heck of a lot of strategy to-ing and fro-ing. Was it a good race though? Now's the time to decide.

The FIA and the stewards showed some of their more inconsistent sides yet again, although when it comes to punishing fun, they've got that well rehearsed. This weekend, cast your votes on the track limits issue, and whether donuts should equal a reprimand or not.

Finally, the driver of the day decision. We saw a champion's drive from Sebastian Vettel, keeping his cool as the car supposedly fell apart around him. Grosjean stuck to a difficult strategy to take a podium place. Pérez and Massa impressed unexpectedly. Who is your driver of the day?

If your chosen man isn't in the list, do let us know who you'd have opted for in the comments, and don't forget you can share your choices via the handy Twitter button.

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