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Rate the race - Germany 2014 // Make your voice heard on key Hockenheim talking points

Published by Christine

The racing in Hockenheim was dramatic and frantic, leaving plenty for us to take away and think about in the few days before Hungary. Now is the time then, whilst it's fresh in your mind, to cast your vote on the race itself, the driver of the day, and a couple of racing events that caught our eye.

Rate the German GP

Rate the German GP

71 votes

Expectations were high going into the race at Hockenheim as the weather predictions pointed to rain. The afternoon stayed dry but that didn't stop the race being action packed. A first lap incident brought out an early safety car. We saw changing strategies, spinners on the grid, lengthy fights for position and even a fire. But was it a good race? You decide. Five stars for an epic GP and one star for a let down.

This week, we're picking on the stewards a little bit, as they made the call to let Lewis Hamilton change his brakes without penalty, and they left a car stranded on track without a safety car. How do you he feel about these two things? Let us know now.

Should Mercedes be allowed to switch brake pads in parc fermé

67 votes

Lewis Hamilton had a significant crash in qualifying that saw him and the team questioning the safety of the brake materials used on his car. The team opted to switch components to a different manufacturer, but Lewis was only penalised for a gearbox related penalty, rather than any parc fermé infringement. Rate the decision not to make the Mercedes start from the pitlane, with five stars as a reasonable decision and one star as a bad call from the stewards.

Assess the decision not call a safety car for the stranded Sauber

72 votes

When Adrian Sutil spun his Sauber on the start line, it looked for a moment as though he'd be able to get it going again. But the car was stuck and the driver exited the scene, leaving the stricken vehicle behind. For lap after lap it sat there, as the stewards opted not to call for a safety car and the marshals worked up the courage to dash across the race track. Their bravery is not in question, but cast your vote on the safety car decision. Five stars for a good call or one star if not.

Finally, it's time for the driver of the day discussion. The race winner had everything all his own way, and it was a good drive, but there were better. Hamilton rose 17 places to secure a podium place but Bottas put in a great drive to hold him off. The Ferrari and Red Bull boys also had a brilliant afternoon of scrapping for position.

Who was your driver of the day in Germany?

  • Valtteri Bottas

  • Lewis Hamilton

  • Sebastian Vettel

  • Fernando Alonso

  • Daniel Ricciardo

  • Kevin Magnussen


73 votes

If you think someone not on our list should have got the nod, or you simply want to let us know who you voted for and why, do share your thoughts in the comments. You can also share your votes via the handy button, and let all the world now what you thought of the German Grand Prix.

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