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Rate the race - China 2014 - Pick your driver of the day, and hand out stars for the racing action

Published by Christine

It's that time once again, your chance to deliver the verdict on the race just gone. This time, the Chinese Grand Prix stands up for scrutiny, after what was an interesting, if not classic weekend. Coming straight after what was a surprisingly good Bahrain race, China had its work cut out for it. The race was the final one before a brief rest and then return to Europe for the next leg of the season, but did it tide us over nicely? Cast your vote now.

Along with the race as a whole, we've picked out a couple of things that need your judgement. Felipe Massa almost caused an incident at the first corner on Sunday, but it was only due to his incredible start in the Williams. Also, when flags were being waved, it was hard to know if they were the right ones or not.

Your final task involves selecting the driver of the day. It was a little bit trickier to pick out the selection this weekend, but let us know if you think anyone else should have made it onto the list, and your reasons why.

As always, share your votes in the comments or via Twitter, and let the world know what you picked and why. Or you can keep your choices top secret, but I know which option I think is more fun!

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