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Rate the race - Canada 2014 // Evaluating the coverage, the stewarding, the driving and more

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Formula One provided a compelling and at times exhausting 100 minutes or so of entertainment for fans this weekend. On a weekend where the Grand Prix was confirmed for another 10 years, for once it was perhaps right to believe the hype. Or maybe it wasn't? It's your turn to let us and everyone else know how the Canadian GP fared in your eyes.

Rate the Canadian GP

Rate the Canadian GP

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The Montreal race broke the mould - the first of the new breed of Formula One not to be won by Mercedes, and it wasn't even a Mercedes power unit that made it to the top step of the podium. A last minute lead change allowed a new face to take the biggest trophy of the day, and that was the pinnacle of an exciting afternoon of track action. With multiple incidents, the safety car intervening, reliability becoming an issue for some, and speed being found for others, so much to write home about.

TV coverage received mixed reviews both during and after the race and a certain stewards ruling wound up at least one driver, but what did you make of it all? Be certain to place your votes below.

Rate the TV coverage on Sunday

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The television director at times seemed to be struggling to keep up with all on track action in Montreal. Key moments were missed, unusual shots were selected and at times commentators sounded frustrated at what they were/weren't able to watch. With so much going on it was hard to keep track of action throughout the field and perhaps there was simply too much excitement to fit onto one screen. But what do you think, did the TV detract or enhance your enjoyment of F1 today?

Rate stewards five place penalty for Sergio

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Having looked at the accident between Massa and Pérez in detail, FIA stewards award a five place grid drop to the latter for having "collided with a car." After hearing of the penalty Felipe called for a harsher penalty to be imposed, arguing the move was more dangerous given the close proximity of Vettel (who the pair narrowly avoided hitting while spinning off). Do you think the penalty was the right one, too harsh or too lenient? Five stars for a good decision or one for bad.

From the following shortlist of impressive Sunday drives, who excelled the most on a sweltering summer day in Montreal? As always, tell us if you'd have gone for someone not on the list.

Who was your driver of the day in Canada?

  • Daniel Ricciardo

  • Nico Rosberg

  • Sebastian Vettel

  • Sergio Pérez

  • Felipe Massa


118 votes

As ever, do let us know which way you've voted and why. You can share your votes on Twitter and leave thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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