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Rate the race - Britain 2014 - Cast your vote on the action (and inaction) from Silverstone

Published by Christine

With the racing action done and dusted, it's now time to sit back and review what we've just witnessed. Don't keep your thoughts to yourself, take the opportunity to rate the race and let us know what you thought of the British Grand Prix? Was it a classic 2014 corker, or did it fail to deliver on the hype? Cast your vote now.

We're also picking out a couple of specific incidents from race day that are worthy of a vote. Firstly, the delay to fix the railings was decried by Niki Lauda, who didn't like the delay - was he right or should safety come first? Also the battle between Vettel and Alonso was brilliant, but did feature an awful lot of radio traffic. Have your say on the amount of noise from those two cars.

Of course, no set of rate the race polls would be complete without a driver of the day selection. There are a few to choose from here, and it's disappointing to realise we'll never know what Felipe Massa or Kimi Räikkönen could have done from the rear of the field. Nevertheless, select from the choice below, or let us know who you would have voted for instead.

Feel free to share your choices, via the handy social network link, or in the comments below. It's always good to know what people are voting for and why, to find out if F1 is going in the right direction, or if there is still work to be done in the sport we love.

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