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Rate the race - Brazil 2013 - Rate Interlagos for its action, its calendar position and its stewards

Published by Christine

The final Grand Prix of the year took place at Interlagos this past weekend, and now's the time to vote on how you think it went. Was it the season ending race we were hoping for, or was there still more that could have been delivered from São Paulo? Have your say on that and more in the last rate the race of 2013.

There were a few notable incidents throughout the race, and the stewards got involved with some of them - why not rate the stewarding out of five? Also, let us know what you think about the potential for Brazil to be replaced as the final race of the year!

As it's the last race, we're opening up the polls to all the drivers - who had the best afternoon in Brazil, and why? Cast your vote now.

As ever, you can keep your votes secret, or let us know what you've picked, who you've gone for and why. You can also share your votes via the handy Twitter button if that's your kinda thing. Thanks for voting!

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