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Rate the race - Bahrain 2014 // Make your vote count as you pick out the driver of the day

Published by Christine

It's judgement time once more, as the opportunity to vote on a handful of items from the race weekend appears. The Bahrain Grand Prix was something of a surprise, giving us an interesting race, some fascinating penalties and plenty to talk about in the fortnight before China. This is your chance to vote on the race itself, on the tyres and on the time of day, as well as selecting the driver you think did the best job on Sunday.

Rate the Bahrain GP

Rate the Bahrain GP

128 votes

We've come to know and not particularly love the racing in Bahrain, as the flat desert track doesn't normally deliver an exciting event. This weekend, that all changed. No matter what you look for in Formula One, Bahrain likely delivered. A bit of teammate rivalry, some classic on track action, and an impressive (but thankfully harmless) crash to boot. However, this is your space to rate the race, with five stars being the best of the best, and one star being an event you wish hadn't happened.

With Bahrain hosting its first night race, we thought it was wise to have a vote on whether the idea worked out or not. The racing was certainly better than that we have seen before in the desert, but was that related to the time of day or not? Also cast your vote on the rubber selection and the job Pirelli is doing so far this year.

Rate the Pirelli selection for this race

107 votes

The Italian tyre manufacturer have been pretty low profile this year, which may come as a blessed relief to Paul Hembery who has spent the last three season running around defending himself from criticism flying in from all directions. This year is different, but is that better? The tyres are more durable and having less of an impact on the racing, as evidenced in Bahrain. Have Pirelli got it right? Rate their tyre choices one star for a disappointment, or five stars for a spot on selection.

Rate the switch from day to night racing

111 votes

Bahrain opted for a night race to celebrate its 10th anniversary of hosting a GP, and there's talk of it sticking with the timing for next year's race as well. With so many floodlights around the track, it had that brighter-than-day feel that only comes from a night race. The cars looked sparkly, but do we need more night races on the calendar? Will it make them feel less special? Rate Bahrain's night race out of five, with one being a pointless gimmick and five being a welcome addition?

It's a tough call to pick out the drivers that deserve most praise from the weekend, as they all worked very hard to a various degree of success. We've selected some to choose from, so vote away, or let us know if you'd have gone for someone not on the list.

Who was your driver of the day in Bahrain?

  • Lewis Hamilton

  • Nico Rosberg

  • Sergio Pérez

  • Daniel Ricciardo

  • Max Chilton


133 votes

As always, you can keep your choices confidential or shout them from the rooftops - well, via Twitter anyway. Use the handy share button to let others know what you voted for and why, or let us know in the comments!

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