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Rate the race - Australia 2014 - Cast your vote on the first-round action from Melbourne

Published by Christine

The first race of the 2014 season was eagerly anticipated. All the changes were finally coming together and we'd see just what impact they'd have - for teams, and for us as viewers. The Australian event is usually chaotic anyway, and this year was no different, but the real question is, was the race any good? Here's your chance to vote on the race and a handful of other topics from the weekend in Melbourne.

There were two controversial topics up for discussion this weekend, one of which occurred during the racing, the other took place afterwards. Not only has F1 uncovered a new look for 2014, they've also got a new sound, but it's had mixed reviews. Also, the disqualification of Daniel Ricciardo was harsh on the Aussie driver, but was it fair? You decide.

Of course, we like to finish up with a look at the driver of the day poll. Your three podium finishers are up for the vote, as well as Bottas (who made a mistake but recovered well), Kvyat (who had a good first race in a Toro Rosso), and Chilton (who recovered from a pit lane start to finish his 20th race in a row).

Please feel free to let us know which way you have voted and why, and share your choices with the handy tweet button above. Equally, you can keep your votes top secret, but where's the fun in that?

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