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Rate the race - Abu Dhabi 2014 // The final voting opportunity for this year's F1 season

Published by Christine

There was a lot of pressure on the Yas Marina circuit to deliver an exciting season finale, particularly as there was a championship hanging in the balance. The race had a couple of lead changes, some varying pit strategies and a handful of spectacular reliability issues, but did it all add up to a great race? Now's the chance to cast your vote and let us know!

Rate the Abu Dhabi GP

Rate the Abu Dhabi GP

56 votes

The season finale was always set to deliver some tense racing and it certainly did that. But tense doesn't always mean good, and this being the Abu Dhabi race, it has a history of disappointing. Where does the 2014 edition of the race fall on the entertainment scale? Rate the race now, five stars for a fantastic finish to the season or one star for a race that is best forgotten.

Everyone appeared to have a hard afternoon behind the wheel, hoping to maximise the opportunities that came their way with double points. Driver of the day is a hard one to call. Is it the championship winner, the guy who just missed out, or someone in between?

Who was your driver of the day in Abu Dhabi?

  • Lewis Hamilton

  • Felipe Massa

  • Daniel Ricciardo

  • Jenson Button

  • Nico Rosberg


59 votes

Let us know who you've voted for, there's a handy Twitter share button if you want to spread the word. It's been a long old season and we'll recap some of the voting patterns in the next few days.

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