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Rate the race - Abu Dhabi 2013 - Pass judgement on the action, or lack of it, at the Yas Marina track

Published by Christine

It's that time of the weekend, when you get to cast your vote on the racing action. I don't claim any premonitions here, but I have a feeling I know how this vote is going to go! The Abu Dhabi race lived up to its own reputation, but what did you think?

There were a few stewards investigations and some passing on and off track, so why not hand out a few stars to the decision on Fernando Alonso, and the constant talk Vettel hears in his ears?

Selecting the driver of the day is tricky this weekend. We've selected a handful of drivers that we think did a pretty good job, but feel free to share your choice if not on the list.

As ever, let us know how you've voted and why, and perhaps even share your answers via the handy Twitter button. Get voting!

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