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Rate the race - United States 2013 - Cast your votes on the penultimate race of the season

Published by Christine

With just two races to go, and after the snoozer that was Abu Dhabi, we were hoping for good things from the Circuit of the Americas. How was the race for you - a great strategy-based tussle for supremacy, or another race where only Vettel had a good time?

There were off-track dramas galore over the weekend, with the return of Kovalainen, Maldonado having a hissy fit, and much more. Rate a couple of the incidents out of five, and let us know what you thought!

Driver of the day fell to some of the midfield racers who were having their chance to shine. With Sebastian Vettel streaking away at the front, our attention had to be on those behind, but who specifically caught your eye?

Don't forget you can share your choices via the handy Twitter button, or just let us know in the comments who you went for and why!

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