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Rate the race - Singapore 2013 // Pick your driver of the day and rate the Grand Prix out of five

Published by Christine

The 2013 season is like most others, a rollercoaster of great racing and less good events, but it's your job to decide where the Singapore Grand Prix falls on the grand scale of things. Compared to other races this year, how do you rate it?

Rate the Singapore GP

Rate the Singapore GP

73 votes

Singapore is one of those races that has style and less substance, and the racing action took a while to heat up. When it got going, however, the scrapping for position was a joy to behold. Strategy was a key factor, and there was a safety car ready to mix things up about halfway through. A few retirements and some reliability concerns also kept things interesting. But how do you rate it? Five stars for a great race, and one star for a disappointment.

A few more specific items to rate, mostly focusing on the moments where retired drivers needed a bit of attention. The marshalling and the safety car situation need your votes!

Rate the safety car delay

69 votes

The regulations surrounding safety car periods have always been a bit awkward, but today's procession halfway through the race made it seem even worse than normal. Required to wait behind the safety car until the backmarkers had unlapped themselves meant the green flag waiting until Marussias could make their way round a slow Singapore circuit. Rate the safety car setup at the moment, with five stars for the best it could be, and one star for a revamp required.

Rate the Singapore marshalling

68 votes

The Singapore marshals haven't been heralded as the cream of the crop in previous season, but they had a few stricken cars to contend with during the 2013 race and handled them very well. Paul di Resta's car seemed to disappear very quickly, although Daniel Ricciardo's hung around perhaps a bit too long. Rate the improvement of the marshals, with five stars for some great work, and one star for a bit more practice required.

And finally, as always, it's time to pick the driver of the day. We've selected a few names that stood out to us, but as always you can share your thoughts in the comments if you think someone else deserves a shout.

Who was your driver of the day in Singapore?

  • Sebastian Vettel

  • Fernando Alonso

  • Kimi Räikkönen

  • Adrian Sutil


86 votes

You can keep your votes top secret, or let us know who or how you've rated and why. Also please share your votes with the handy Twitter button, if tweeting is your thing.

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