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Rate the race - Singapore 2013 - Pick your driver of the day and rate the Grand Prix out of five

Published by Christine

The 2013 season is like most others, a rollercoaster of great racing and less good events, but it's your job to decide where the Singapore Grand Prix falls on the grand scale of things. Compared to other races this year, how do you rate it?

A few more specific items to rate, mostly focusing on the moments where retired drivers needed a bit of attention. The marshalling and the safety car situation need your votes!

And finally, as always, it's time to pick the driver of the day. We've selected a few names that stood out to us, but as always you can share your thoughts in the comments if you think someone else deserves a shout.

You can keep your votes top secret, or let us know who or how you've rated and why. Also please share your votes with the handy Twitter button, if tweeting is your thing.

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