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Rate the race - Japan 2013 // Give your scores out of five for the race, the stewards and more

Published by Christine

The title could have been wrapped up at Suzuka but it wasn't, and instead we had a mostly interesting race with several great fights for position. But it's not for me to say how the race was, it's time for you to get your vote on!

Rate the Japanese GP

Rate the Japanese GP

67 votes

We ended up with a familiar result, Sebastian Vettel with the winning trophy, but it wasn't a straightforward race for either of the Red Bull drivers. There were a lot of strategy calls to be made throughout the weekend, a few retirements and penalties handed out on Sunday, plus some great squabbling for position throughout the field during the race. Rate the event out of five, with one star being less good and five stars being some top notch action.

This week, we want to know your thoughts on the stewarding action - as those invigilators seemed far more pro-active than others have of late. I'm also curious to know how you rate Pastor Maldonado's last-lap move on his teammate - too harsh or a fair fight?

Rate the stewarding in Japan

64 votes

The stewards were very busy at the Suzuka track, starting with a drive through penalty for Charles Pic handed out before the race had even begun. They also penalised Daniel Ricciardo, Nico Rosberg and Felipe Massa throughout the race, making maximum use of the drive through penalty option. They also only left one investigation until after the race, as both parties were out of the event on the first corner. Rate the stewarding out of five, with the higher score being better.

Rate Maldonado's last lap pass on his team mate

64 votes

Pastor Maldonado upset his teammate Valtteri Bottas by overtaking on the final lap - and not with a lot of style. The Venezuelan left Bottas little room to manoeuvre, and the Finn ended up taking to the run off to avoid a collision. Afterwards, Bottas didn't seem too happy, but is it all fair in the midfield? Rate Maldonado's move as five stars if he should be fighting for sixteenth place as hard as if it was the lead, or one star if he needs to show a bit more restraint to his teammate.

Finally, it's driver of the day time. The Sauber duo were on top form again, whilst the fight for the lead of the race was hard fought. Place your vote, or let us know which driver not on the list you think is worthy of the plaudit.

Who was your driver of the day in Japan?

  • Sebastian Vettel

  • Romain Grosjean

  • Fernando Alonso

  • Kimi Räikkönen

  • Esteban Gutiérrez


74 votes

As ever, you can share your selections via the Twitter button, or air your thoughts in the comments below.

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