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Rate the race - Italy 2014 // Who gets your driver of the day vote from Monza?

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There's a lot of passion at the Monza track, from the fans, the media and the teams getting to race around the classic track. Although it was clear that Mercedes (both works team and engine customers) would dominate, there was still a lot to behold as the thirteenth round of the season was completed. Here's your chance to rate the race itself, a couple of specific items, and pick your drivers of the day.

Rate the Italian GP

Rate the Italian GP

59 votes

What promised to be a relatively dull race turned on its head on Sunday, as several drivers got a poor start off the line and spent the rest of the afternoon fighting their way back through the field. One stop strategies were predicted to be the key, and we saw that come to fruition, but it was once again a Mercedes dominated race. The engine powered many drivers forward, leaving the others for dust. How did you think the race rated? One star for not great, and five stars for one of the best.

The stewards were kept busy today, with lots of overtaking and some of the passes less clean than others. The FIA also came under fire for the change to the track pre-race, and here you can vote on both those things.

Rate the stewarding calls at Monza

56 votes

The stewards got to work during the race, investigating Kevin Magnussen and giving him a 5 second stop/go penalty during the race that ended up being added to his race time afterwards. It was pushing a driver off track that gave the McLaren a penalty. Esteban Gutiérrez was also handed a penalty for tangling with Romain Grosjean, also incurring a post-race time penalty. Were the stewards on message this weekend (five stars) or over the top (one star)?

Did the new tarmac at Parabolica affect the race?

50 votes

There was a lot of consternation about the change from gravel trap to smooth asphalt at the run off around Parabolica, but now the race has been run, was it a change for the better? We didn't see too much action at that point of the track but were drivers hindered in any mistakes they made this weekend or was it all too easy? Rate the effect the tarmac had on the race as bad (one star) or good (five stars) or somewhere in between.

A couple of drivers put in a lot of hard work to pass their way through the field after bad starts to the Italian race, and a couple had to conquer their demons to get a good result. Who gets your vote for driver of the day in Italy?

Who was your driver of the day in Italy?

  • Lewis Hamilton

  • Felipe Massa

  • Valtteri Bottas

  • Daniel Ricciardo

  • Sergio Pérez

  • Daniil Kvyat


60 votes

Let us know who you've voted for in the driver poll, and what you thought about the race itself, and as always, click the share button if you fancy spreading the word on Twitter.

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