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Rate the race - Hungary 2013 - Cast your vote on who deserves driver of the day and more

Published by Christine

It was a hot race weekend at the Hungaroring, and although tyre wear was high on the list of concerns, there was also cooling worries and the ability of drivers to make their way through such difficult conditions. We were given a good couple of hours of racing and entertainment but it's now your turn to vote for just how the Hungarian GP rates compared to other races this year.

Along with the race as a whole, we're picking out specific moments from the race for rating - this time a look at the amount of overtaking seen around the track, as well as the pit lane coverage after the tweaks to regulations made this weekend.

Finally, have your say on who put in the strongest performance of the day. It's a tough call as there were some really impressive races out there, with drivers fighting for all they were worth - against the conditions and against each other.

If you don't agree with any of the choices above, do let us know in the comments. Don't be offended, as we've just picked a selection that stood out and there's plenty of room to start a conversation about who else deserves the Driver of the Day title. Get voting!

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