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Rate the race - Britain 2013 // Select your driver of the day at Silverstone, and score the race out of five

Published by Christine

It was an incident filled weekend, with drama throughout a wet practice, a penalty hit qualifying, and the tyre traumas in the race itself. But did the race deliver to 2013 Grand Prix standards? Now is your time to have your say, as you rate the race out of five very shiny stars.

Rate the British GP

Rate the British GP

73 votes

A slow start to the race was punctuated by punctures as the tyres became the focus of the Grand Prix for all the wrong reasons. When the rubber did start behaving itself, the racing left behind was good - recovery drives and battles for position throughout the field, with a lot of overtaking both DRS and otherwise. The fight for the lead went right to the chequered flag, but it was a Mercedes victory.

As well as the overall event, we want to know what you thought of two specific items - the DRS was increased to two zones this year, but how did it work out? And the tyre troubles saw some heartfelt emotions at the end of the race, but was it a bit much?

Did double DRS improve the racing today?

64 votes

Silverstone featured two DRS zones, up from one last year. With much of the action centred on the Wellington Straight, plus plenty of overtaking moves outside the zones, was the double DRS a good fit for this weekend's race? The two Safety Car and multiple yellow flag periods meant the drag reduction was disabled on occasion, but it was present enough to make a difference to the race results. Five stars for good DRS, one star if two is too many.

Rate the driver's reaction to tyre warnings

59 votes

After the race, the drivers were constantly asked for their thoughts on the difficulties with the tyres. Naturally, as those in the firing line, they have expressed concern for safety, but are they going too far? Ross Brawn had the engineering attitude of waiting to see all the facts before deciding what was to be done, but the drivers wear their hearts on their sleeves. Five stars for them doing the right thing, but one star if they are overreacting.

Finally, it's time to pick your driver of the day, and this week it must be a tough one! There were so many good drive as for whatever reason drivers found themselves out of position and with a lot of work to be done. Who was the hero in your eyes for today?

Who was your driver of the day in Britain?

  • Nico Rosberg

  • Mark Webber

  • Lewis Hamilton

  • Felipe Massa

  • Paul di Resta


72 votes

As ever, you can vote in secret, or share your thoughts below. If we haven't included your preferred driver of the day, do let us know who you would have picked and why.

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