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Rate the race - Britain 2013 - Select your driver of the day at Silverstone, and score the race out of five

Published by Christine

It was an incident filled weekend, with drama throughout a wet practice, a penalty hit qualifying, and the tyre traumas in the race itself. But did the race deliver to 2013 Grand Prix standards? Now is your time to have your say, as you rate the race out of five very shiny stars.

As well as the overall event, we want to know what you thought of two specific items - the DRS was increased to two zones this year, but how did it work out? And the tyre troubles saw some heartfelt emotions at the end of the race, but was it a bit much?

Finally, it's time to pick your driver of the day, and this week it must be a tough one! There were so many good drive as for whatever reason drivers found themselves out of position and with a lot of work to be done. Who was the hero in your eyes for today?

As ever, you can vote in secret, or share your thoughts below. If we haven't included your preferred driver of the day, do let us know who you would have picked and why.

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