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Rain Checo - Sauber get their own back on Sergio Pérez, with a garage-based prank

Published by Christine

It's always good to see behind the scenes of a team's working relationship, particularly in Formula One, when a driver needs to consider the engineers and mechanics around him as part of the family - win together, lose together, and all that. Video insight is very welcome when it comes to getting access to the places a fan would not normally see, and it's even better when there's a practical joke on the cards too.

Step up Sauber, then, with a short video chronicalling a prank played on one Sergio Pérez. Supposedly, Marco wants to get his own back on Checo for his little trick in Japan last year, when he called over the radio "I've lost power, lost power" after hauling himself into a points position from 17th on the grid. It's taken them a long time to think up a comeback, but that just makes it even more of a surprise!

Things I love in this video include, but are not limited to:

  • Kamui, Spy Cam Specialist
  • The face Checo pulls at the concept of the weather forecast on his dash
  • A sneak peek at a GoPro
  • The addition to the helmet afterwards

I'd like there to be a series of ongoing pranks back and forth between this Sauber crew, with the Spy Cam Specialist bringing us all the action. Top work, Sauber!