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Räikkönen ready to go - The quiet Finn isn't looking to break records

Published by Christine

Kimi Räikkönen has never really enthused about the sport. He's much too quiet around the track, doesn't like to get involved in any of the debates and tends to do his job and then go back into hiding until the next race weekend.

There's nothing wrong with this style, except it might be a little unsociable and he's probably not being a great ambassador for the sport. However, he's only one man out of 22 drivers and we can forgive him.

It's not really a surprise, therefore, that he has been talking to foreign newspapers and he isn't planning to rival any of Michael Schumacher's records. He even mentioned that the three-year Ferrari contract that he embarks on in January may already be his last.

He intends to make it his best though. "If Ferrari wants, I will work every evening until ten o'clock. I am not afraid of some hard work." He also mentioned being okay with Michael helping get used to the new car, although I can't see that happening anytime soon.